Thursday, June 22, 2017

So you have a failed ERP implementation!

So you have a failed ERP implementation and are on the market for replacement.

Here's some advice about the process, not related to any product:
  1. Go back and figure out why you selected XYZ ERP to begin with.
  2. Was it because it was a famous brand name?
  3. Was because they give it to you at a rock bottom price? 
  4. Was it because the salesman promised that his ERP can do anything and everything?
  5. Because it was decided at HQ high level and forced upon you?
Anything that didn't consider whether it solved your business problems is going to cause this situation.

So what’s the best way to find the ERP solution that’s going to be the best fit for your organization?

What You Need vs. What You Want

  1. Then go back to your list of business needs and the problems you want solved and figure out what went wrong in the solution you picked so you don't do that again.
  2. Pick and prioritize your features- You’ve identified the pain now choose the pill. Which features will eliminate the pain, accounting, job costing, order entry or maybe its production planning.
  3. Now, with those requirements and problems to be solved in hand, go back again to other products catering to your industries.
  4. Compare again, and talk to some companies using those products. Ask those companies how well the product deals with the requirements/issues you have. How is the ERP vendors implementations team experiences.
  5. Repeat - Select again.
Wish You Success!!
QOUTE – “Gaps in the Technical Requirements accounted for more than 70% of program problems” —United States Government Accountability Office.

Sage 300 ERP for the Project & Construction Businesses.

Sage 300 Project is a tested and proven solutions is now in the latest version of Project Job Cost v. 2017, which caters for Engineering Services and Project Consulting companies across disciplines, namely, electrical, mechanical, electronics, construction, architectural and those addressing infrastructure. These companies execute projects wherein tracking ‘project budget’ and ‘actuals’ for materials, labour, revenue and other expenses is essential.

Companies in this business segment execute a wide range of projects across industry verticals, which make it important for them to adopt best practices.
Careware helps you to control & meet your tightest deadlines and standards.

“We are very focused on this segment and have built up domain expertise with our implementation across various projects, such as engineering, construction and professional service based industries.”

Careware believes in adding value to its customers and will continue taking a ‘solutions approach’ to address the needs of this segment. We already have a number of customers in the region using Sage 300 ERP with our Project and Job costing solution to produce timely project accounting reports. This is a unique offering from Sage and differentiates us in the marketplace for small and medium businesses.

Challenges in Construction and Engineering Projects:

When you manage revenue and costs for project-based business, you cannot afford to let a job get in the red because of missing information or late-breaking, unrecorded changes, holding cost resulting from theft, and overstocking of raw material. On the other hand, you also cannot afford to spend every second of your time entering and updating data, chasing a constantly moving target.
With Sage 300 Project & Job Costing you can:
  • Control the level of details to which costs are tracked.
  • Automatically allocate indirect costs, employee benefits & recognize revenue.
  • Manage subcontracts, job costing, profit analysis, and variance tracking.
  • Monitor and manage billing; collection and cost overrun.
To integrate and synchronize the cooperation among all operational units as:
  •  Project and Procurement.
  •  Payment and Sub-contractor.
  •  Billing and WIP.
  •  Inventory and Job Allocation.
  •  Operation and Accounting.
Industries Served:
  •  Construction – Building & Civil Engineering
  •  Engineering Contracting – M & E Engineering
  •  Shipbuilding & Oil Platform – Commercial
  •  Power & Telephone Tower – Fabrication & Erection
  •  Professional Service – Consultant Engineers & Accounting
  •  Service Providers – Service and Maintenance
Project Visual Process Flow.
Contact CAREWARE’s today. To learn all about Sage 300 Project ERP Solutions contact CAREWARE Account Manager today by calling (03) 27143855 or by emailing There are multiple licensing options; one is sure to be a perfect fit for your company.

Monday, May 1, 2017

SAGE SOLUTIONS: Project Manufacturing

The Challenges

roject-based manufacturers such as (MTO) Manufacture-to-Oder, (ETO) Engineer-to-order, face business challenges that simply cannot be resolved by traditional ERP software.

Manufacturing-to-job companies need to be able to provide accurate cost estimates to customers, manage all aspects of complex projects, deliver on time and on budget—all while keeping a close eye on cash flow. There is intense pressure to reduce costs, shorten cycle times, while maintaining high quality.

Finally, manufacture-to-oroject companies need an accurate picture of the profitability of each project in order to comprehend the impact on the business. In many instances they also need flexible income recognition methods, progress claims based on percentage completion and support retainage accounting.

Careware Systems - is one of the leading Malaysia providers of ERP systems for:
  • Manufacture-to-order (MTO) Manufacturers
  • Engineer-to-order (ETO) Manufacturers
  • Project based Engineering Contract
Our Sage 300 ERP software was specifically suited for engineering-intensive companies.

Why a typical manufacturing ERP system won’t cut for a project based manufacturer?
Is This YOUR Company? Project based manufacturer typically involves in designing and building complex products to exact customer specifications frequently involves long lead times and heavy engineering content. 

Characteristics of Engineer-to-order, project-based, and custom manufacturers: 

Design -->  Material Order --> Fabricate --> Sub-Assembly --> Delivery -->  May have Erection at Site --> Testing Commissioning -->  Planned Maintenance.

Manufacturing to Job - Project

SAGE 300 ERP series is a sophisticated system that provides the tools necessary to manage the simplest to the most complex manufacturing contract or job. It makes the estimating, tracking, costing and billing of projects easy and manageable – simplifying cost control and planning. With the powerful features included in Job Costing, you can identify potential issues and determine success factors for any project.

Highlights: Engineer-to-order, project-based, and custom manufacturers typically have most of these characteristics:

The Engineering difference:

  • Assign staff, material, subcontractors, equipment, miscellaneous items and overhead to each manufacturing job/project within the contract. 
  • Set up complex estimates by specifying the quantity (for example, hours), unit cost and billing rate (for time and materials projects) for each staff member, material (inventory item), subcontractor, equipment, miscellaneous item and overhead expense allocated to a manufacturing job. Assign the cost categories to which they apply to automatically calculate cost and revenue estimates for each cost category, or simply define the cost and revenue estimates for each category within a manufacturing job. 
  • You can track cost overrun on line as the cost & requisition come in and added to the job process.
  • Integrates with all departments and modules for efficient, streamlined process throughout the company.
  • Electronically route purchasing workflows & documents to the appropriate approval authority for fast operation.
Integrates Solution
s with SAGE 300 ERP modules General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control and Purchase Order, Manufacturing Order, Budgetary Control & Funds Availability. Integrates with Microsoft Project for additional control of your projects and resources.

Sage 300 ERP that is remarkably suited for the project base manufacturer (MTO/ETO/MTP) which is project manufacturing accounting centric solution. With Sage 300 job based manufacturing solution,  you are really to face the future.
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There are multiple licensing options; one is sure to be a perfect fit for your company.

ERP Survey for Malaysia - Small Medium Industry.

In 2016 a survey was done among Small Medium Manufacturers in Malaysia on what are the obstacles that hinder SMI to adopt ERP software and what are the requirements they are looking for.
(A total of about 950 companies were called upon of which 55% participated in the survey.)

e feed backs weren’t surprising. Among what users want, according to the survey, are more flexible and accessible ERP that will enable company executives to access information via tablets and smartphones.

Here are the most important considerations for future ERP implementations," as ranked by survey respondents, are:Their Requirements:

  • They want an ERP to have a built-in manufacturing solution & fully integrated.
  • They want the manufacturing system to be easy to use.
  • They want a short time to benefit from the whole manufacturing project. (Most says in 2-3 months.)
  • They want a cost-effective solution with flexible deployment. (Premise/Cloud & mobile Access) 
Their Challenges:
  • The cost issue (ERP that cost up to ½ million> is way beyond the affordability of SME)
  • The software & support issue (ERP that is too complex & take years to implement. The consultant is too new or do not have the domain experience)
  • The people issue. (Knowledgeable staffs are hard to come by and problem of staffs turnover)
Assuming that cost & support issues can be mitigated by the affordable Sage 300 Manufacturing Systems and vendor domain experience, staff turnover is a serious concern for manufacturing industries. And many companies do not have a formalized and documented policy and process guide. 

Sage 300 Visual Process Flows

Sage 300 ERP has a new feature that helps reduce time navigating business processes by providing a graphical process-oriented interface that illustrates the steps and tools required to complete a task. Pre-defined process flows can be used, or you can easily create custom process flows specific to your business. These process flows are invaluable for new employees who are not familiar with the product or your specific manufacturing processes.

Sage 300 Manufacturing Visual Process Flows

So you have it:  the Sage 300 Manufacturing System
 – the Powerful … Affordable … Easy … ERP for the Malaysian manufacturing companies.
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There are multiple licensing options; one is sure to be a perfect fit for your company.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

SAGE 300 SOLUTION : Agribusiness - Food & Beverages

SAGE 300 SOLUTION: Agribusiness - Food & Beverages
Razor-Thin Margins, Cutthroat Competition – It’s Tough out There. 

The food and beverages business operate in an environment where manufacturing, distribution and for some even cultivation are of major management concerns.  Responsiveness and delivery accuracy determines who wins and who loses a customer’s business. In a competitive market with pressure on prices resulting in low margins, cost control is imperative.

Sage 300 ERP could dramatically improve operating effectiveness and efficiencies. We may not offer it right out of the box, but it is very adaptable to a wide range of industries, and for a small and mid-sized manufacturing companies Sage 300 manufacturing suites may be a better fit financially as well as ease-of-use.
To stay in the race, you have to be able to manage these processes effectively. At CAREWARE, we understand this. That is why our end to end agribusiness & food distribution solution offers:

  • Better information visibility to improve your responsiveness and agility;
  • Better support for your customer-facing activities to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Improved integration and consolidation of your business process to reduce redundancy, maintenance needs and cost.
Illustration of agribusiness and its manufacturing processes.

For Illustration Only. Any resemblance to your company is by coincidence.

Some of the biggest issue in the food and beverage industry today is that of food safety and quality. As a result of growing concerns about food contamination risks and other food-related health and ethical issues, tougher standards are being implemented globally that are redefining the way imports enter some countries. Lot traceability is a unique requirement of the food distribution business. Our solution for Food and Beverage provides support for total supply chain management and accommodate the unique needs, as spoil date, RMA, Stock aging, weights and units of measurements.

Careware has successfully implemented Sage 300 for Food and Beverage industry with fully-integrated solution that is easy to install, and inexpensive to operate. It can handle all types of products and processes in the food and beverage industry.
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There are multiple licensing options; one is sure to be a perfect fit for your company.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Sage Manufacturing Solutions - Which Solution Is Right For You?

Manufacturing organizations like yours, especially those in the small to mid-sized segment need to focus on the markets and business processes that are producing results while working to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer response. To do so, you require in-depth visibility and insight into the information at the heart of your manufacturing business.

Manufacturing industry challenges

  • Increasing operational costs
  • Increasing material costs
  • Inconsistency in order volume from customers
  • Need to maintain profitable output with fewer headcount
  • Increasing global competition
  • Increased competition from large suppliers moving down market
Sage Manufacturing Solutions delivers not only the core accounting and operational features you need, but a rich manufacturing-based feature set that helps drive efficiency, customer satisfaction and profitability.

Which Solution Is Right For You?

Sage 300 – Manufacturing

Sage 300 Manufacturing is
designed for small to medium-sized manufacturing firms using Sage 300 ERP Financial & Distribution Software as its backbone. The system is the ideal solution for manufacturers who are experiencing rapid growth and therefore need even greater control over their back office and shop floor processes. Sage 300 Manufacturing is designed to be in easy to use and fast to deploy with advance functionalities that a growing company requires.

Sage 300 Manufacturing is suitable for Make-to-stock and Make-to-order manufacturers as well as Custom Job shops. The Sage 300 Business Solutions can also be integrated with Sage Business Intelligence and Sage CRM solutions, enabling you to build an enterprise-wide management system.

SAGE 300 - Manufacturing has been successfully implemented all over the world. Our products are extensively used in Asia, Australia, Africa, UK and North America. Some industries where SAGE 300 Manufacturing products are used include Automotive Tools & Parts, Electronics Assembly, Pharmaceuticals and Equipment Manufacturing.
Sage X3 Manufacturing

Sage X3 - Manufacturing business management system is the ideal solution for manufacturers who have sophisticated requirements both in the back office and on the shop floor. Whether you are a medium-sized business, manufacturing for the domestic market, a large business with overseas operations, or the subsidiary of a multinational, Sage X3 has the power to meet your needs.

Sage X3 is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, covering finance, distribution, manufacturing, supply chain management, services, customer relationship management and business intelligence. With flexible deployment options on premise and on cloud supporting a wide a range of operating systems and industry standard databases, and can scale to thousands of concurrent users.

Sage X3 offers a comprehensive range of manufacturing functions, including support for areas such as Process, Discrete or Mixed mode manufacturing, Job Shop, Planning & Scheduling, Product Lifecycle Management and support Lean Manufacturing. Sage X3 is a highly flexible solution that can be customised to meet the specific requirements of your business, as well as integrated with “best of breed” applications in areas such as Warehouse Management, Quality Assurance and Demand Forecasting.

Although Sage X3 ERP is very capable in discrete manufacturing, it is especially strong in the Process Manufacturing sectors such as chemical, pharmaceutical and biosciences and has many good and satisfied customers who use it worldwide. Its helps to automate batch process manufacturing environments, Sage X3  ERP solution combines fully integrated process manufacturing, production planning and financial management capabilities. By implementing this solution, you will be equipped with the software you need to coordinate your entire manufacturing operation.
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To learn all about Sage Manufacturing Solutions  contact CAREWARE Manufacturing Account Manager today by calling (03) 27143855 or by emailing There are multiple licensing options; one is sure to be a perfect fit for your company.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sage Asia introduces to it market Sage People :powerful, simple and flexible HR

Kuala Lumpur, 5 April '2017- Sage Asia introduces to it market Sage People :powerful, simple and flexible HR.

As global and local business landscapes are constantly changing, HR practitioners today demand a system that is not just reliable and efficient, but also configurable, intuitive to use and able to handle ad-hoc and unexpected cases. Our product does just that.

Many relies on Out-dated HR systems with loose or no integration with accounting and ERP systems add to the  complexity of managing human capital in mid-sized companies and create inefficiencies across the  organization. Lack of visibility into employee productivity and cost leads to misestimating workforce costs, and this eventually erodes profits and competitiveness in your organization.  

Sage People is focused on mid-size companies and multi-national companies. It is designed to empower your workforce to succeed by optimizing HR processes in real-time via employee self-service modules and accommodating to various payroll requirements. Built on a set of best-in-class human resources practices and functionality, it is aligned to increase productivity, accelerate business performance and lower the costs of ownership.

Available as Sage People 300 and Sage People X3.

Discover Sage People: a better way to manage the employment journey from joining to leaving for midsize enterprises, providing core HR, payroll, talent acquisition, talent management and HR planning.
To learn all about Sage People Solutions, contact CAREWARE Account Manager today by calling: Tel:  (03 2714 3855) or by emailing to: